A little doubt about the Editor view

As far as I kow, we can drag the text editor to achive the purpose of splitting screen like this

so, I am curious about how to add a tabbar like VScode as shown below
I searched aroud in the community , but I did not get what I need, I think I searched the wrong key words
Hope can get some help, thanks !!!

@zhoujingfighting thanks for the discussion, that is not an editor but the minimap as far as I can tell.
You can enable it through the preference, or the command toggle minimap.

@vince-fugnitto, thanks for your reply, I serched the VSCode API today, what I meant is not minimap, but this one open editor to the side

@zhoujingfighting I’m not sure I follow the question anymore, what seems to be the problem?
We already support multiple layouts, splitting editors and so on:

@vince-fugnitto, sorry to take your time , I found the split button shown today but not yesterday, I am trying to found why this happened , anyway, thanks for your time !

@vince-fugnitto, hi , I just found the split button showed only after I opened the markdown file

@zhoujingfighting that toolbar item is to display the markdown as preview (rendered mode), not to split editors. You can split editors with the various split editors command, and you can change your layout if needed by performing drag-and-drop.

@vince-fugnitto, I see , I am adding some menu options to our tool for this option :two_hearts: