About theia preference extension


There are “User” and “Workspace” mode when i open theia preference>setting view.
“User” setting file is written in main .theia/setting.json file.
And it’s global setting file.

like below.

 "workbench.iconTheme": "theia-file-icons",
 "files.exclude": {
        "**/.git": true,
        "**/.svn": true,
        "**/.hg": true,
        "**/CVS": true,
        "**/.DS_Store": true
    "editor.minimap.enabled": false,
   "workspace.preserveWindow": true,
   "workspace.supportMultiRootWorkspace": false,
   "application.confirmExit": "always",
   "cobol.ignorecolumn_b_onwards": true

And “Workspace” setting file is local setting file that only affects in local worksapce.

When i modify the setting information on setting UI (not setting.json file directly) , just global setting (“User” setting.json file )file is modified.

But i want to modify setting UI affects local setting file (“Workspace” setting file).

How can i do for it ?
Could i modify theia/preference extension with DI for resolve this problem?

Thanks for read my topic.

@kay it looks like you are using an old version of the framework which does not included the nicely updated UI for preferences (similarly to vscode), which includes bug fixes, and other improvements.

From what I remember this feature worked, select the workspace tab, and use the tree to set a value. I do not suggest modifications until you have updated the framework version as to use the new preferences UI.