Activation of Extension Pack for Java fails

Theia newbie here, trying to use the extension pack for Java 18.5 in the browser example. I’ve tried many different options but the activation fails consistently:
initializing(vscode-java-pack@0.18.5 with /home/jason/mytheia/node_modules/@theia/plugin-ext-vscode/lib/node/plugin-vscode-init)
root INFO [hosted-plugin: 22372] PLUGIN_HOST(22372): PluginManagerExtImpl/loadPlugin(/home/jason/.theia/extensions/vscjava.vscode-java-pack-0.18.5/extension/out/extension)
root ERROR [hosted-plugin: 22372] Activating extension ‘Extension Pack for Java’ failed: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined

I’m trying to use the extension in the browser based example. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @jfl, thank you for your question.

As far as I can tell, the vscode-java-pack extension contains the testrunner for java extension which requires the new test explorer API which was introduced in vscode 1.59.

Sadly, it’s not possible for Theia to always be up-to-date to current vscode. Currently, we aim to provide API parity for version 1.55.2 of vscode.

So there’s no real option right now to use the extension pack (at least the 0.18.5 version). You could try downloading an older version or installing each extension independently (except for the testing extension which isn’t supported).

Hi @msujew, Thanks for your quick response. I’ll try with an older version of the extension pack.