Add my extension in theia, but i can't found my command

I use theia from want add my extension or plugin in this theia, but i can’t found any command about me extension/plugin.

Hi @Xotm,

So you’ve installed a vscode extension into Theia but cannot find the commands it should contribute to the app? Do I understand you correctly? Maybe the installation of the extension failed, but you would need to give us a bit more context to help you.

Also, no offense, but you might want to use a machine translation tool (google translate or deepl) if you’re not too familiar with English. That way you could provide us with better info that we can use to help you.

I packaged the hello world extension officially provided by theia into a visx file and uploaded it to open-vsx, and installed the extension on theia line, but I did not find any command about the hello world extension. But I can see the extension in the installed list.Thank you very much for helping me

I found your extension on the marketplace and can reproduce the issue. I’m not too sure what’s wrong here as the code and configuration looks correct to me.

@vince-fugnitto Any clue about that? You can download the extension here.

@msujew I installed through install by vsix and it seems to work fine for me, am I missing something?

@vince-fugnitto Oh, wait that funny. I installed the wrong extension :laughing:

So I linked this one, but since its required vscode version is 1.59.0, the vsx registry only shows this one, which actually isn’t a vscode extension, but a Theia extension (i.e. compile time extension).

@Xotm Theia compile time extensions (see docs for better grasp on the term) cannot be installed via the ovsx registry during the run time, but have to be compiled into the app. See this documentation on how to build applications with your own Theia extensions.

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@msujew I’m surprised that open-vsx would even allow the publishing of such a “plugin”, do they not check that it at least meets some necessary fields which would make it a vscode extension? Perhaps it is something we should bring to their attention.

@vince-fugnitto Well, it does contain the necessary files and fields (the { engines: { vscode: "*" } } field). So it’s a valid vscode extension in that sense, it just doesn’t contribute anything. I believe the tool to upload extensions to ovsx does perform a validation.

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Thank you very much for helping me answer this question, I will try it later according to the method you gave. thank you very much

This is my first attempt to publish a plugin to open-vsx not knowing what his rules are, causing installing my own plugin in theia has no effect, thanks for telling me the caveats. Thank you very much for answering my doubts

@msujew I tried the method you said, made my own hello-world extension and published it to npm, and used my own extension in the package.json file in theia complete project, but I still can’t find my own command after running theia
This is in the package.json file in theia:

This is my extension published in npm:xotm-try-theia-hello-extension