Add new logo in Theia

My question is very similar to this topic: Add branding icon
I would like to know more specifically which files I need to create in order to change the theia logo on my own application. I saw theia-cpp-branding example, but still isn’t clear to me what are the steps to create my own

@dratz08 are you looking into updating the menu icon (similarly to the eclipse-theia main repository example)?

It is simply css styles:

yes, the center one and also the top left one too. my question is, do I have to create a new extension with this css file or it’s already in the files that are created in the build? if I have to create a new one, would it be just this file or other ones too? I dont understand much about this topics yet

@dratz08 any customization would require a custom extension to implement (similarly to the theia-cpp-branding example you previously referenced. It might be possible to add the stylings in a hackish way, but the custom extension is the recommended use-case.

Ok! Thanks!!

Can Blueprint serve as example? I think there’s a PR doing similar?