Adding multiple instances of GLSP editor in Theia

Is there any way to have multiple GLSP editor instances in Theia ?

My requirement is as follows[please have a look at the snap for reference]

  1. I am having an UI on the GLSP editor itself which consists of 2 buttons.
  2. Button A is currently selected and is having the GLSP editor instance open with two nodes.
  3. If Button B is clicked, it should open another fresh GLSP editor instance.[Requirement]

If possible please le me know how this can be achieved.

Hi, this is a GLSP specfic question that is not directly related to Theia. I’d suggest to post your question in the official GLSP discussions forum and we will try to support you there.

Hi @tortmayr, I’ve posted the same with updated requirement on the GLSP community forum.