Adding sidebar features

Hey all, I’m new to Theia. I’m trying to implement the search and Github feature on the sidebar, but not entirely sure how to. I have set up the basics following,
Any advice/general steps would be greatly appreciated.

[original thread by Nicholas Han]

Hi, do you mean you want to add a widget to the side bar which does search on GitHub?

[Nicholas Han]

yes, and also the source control widget

You will need to implement AbstractViewContribution, for example like SCM does:

to enable SCM in your app, you should include @theia/scm and then @theia/git for git support

Hi @nicholasl00 . Another potentially interesting example is “search-in-workspace” that adds a widget to the left-side panel. In the backend, the search uses a CLI application called ripgrep. In your case you’d probably interface with GitHub using their API. See:

[Nicholas Han]

Perfect ! i’ll work on the default source control feature then the “search on github” feature. Thanks Anton and Marc