Adding Theia Extension to Che

I am developing an extension for Theia that I would like to incorporate into my che local deployment. I am successfully compiling the extension and testing it with the example browser application in the Theia project, but I haven’t been able to pull it into Che-Theia. Anyone run into a similar situation or know of some good resources to help guide me?

[original thread by Matthew Bates]

[anil chalil]

any resource or example could be usefull for me too. I have the same problem

Hello, probably with ? We’ve several extensions there already

I would say that as long as the extension is referenced in that file: it will be included in resulting che-theia docker image

[Matthew Bates]

@florentbenoit Thank you for the response! Just so I am on the same page, if I create an extension “my-extension” in the Theia project (theia/packages/my-extension) then I should just be able to add it to the mentioned file under extensions?

- source:
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-plugin-remote
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-plugin
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-plugin-ext
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-terminal
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-user-preferences
    - extensions/che-theia-hosted-plugin-manager-extension
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-dashboard
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-activity-tracker
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-about
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-preferences-provider-extension
    - extensions/eclipse-che-theia-git-provisioner
    - extensions/my-extension
    - plugins/containers-plugin
    - plugins/workspace-plugin
    - plugins/ports-plugin
    - plugins/task-plugin
    - plugins/welcome-plugin
    - plugins/ssh-plugin
    - plugins/telemetry-plugin
    - plugins/github-auth-plugin
  checkoutTo: 7.9.x

@matthew-bates I would suggest taking che-related questions over to you’ll get more traction