Arch Linux AUR package


I made an Arch Linux user package for theia browser based on the information here
Don’t hesitate if you have suggestions or want to become co-maintainer.
I’m the only user so far so I packaged the 2 vscode extensions I use (go & python)


[original thread by Pierre Carru]

Hi @piec


One detail: Theia is a platform, so it could become confusing quite quickly if many different Theia-based applications are made available, all using the generic name “Theia”.

It would be similar to building an IDE on the classic Eclipse platform and publishing the result under the name “Eclipse” :slight_smile:

So not a big deal if you’re playing around. But for something a bit more serious, I would suggest to consider to give it a distinguishing name / brand

[Pierre Carru]

ok, you would prefer theia-browser-example?