Are libX11-devel, libxkbfile-devel, libsecret, libsecret-devel needed only at build time?

Hi @msujew,

  • We are using Theia 1.19.0 and we are using the above packages to build Theia as per the documentation here. Are these needed at run time as well? Right now, we are installing the packages in a docker container as well because we run Theia as part of it. So, these packages are needed to be installed inside the Docker as a run time construct?

  • Soon, we are migrating to 1.27.0. For 1.27.0, there’s a dependency on bzip2 package. So, I have the same question and this also needed at run time?

Windows power user here, @paul-marechal any clue?

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I haven’t built on Linux in a while, but from what I remember most -devel packages were only required at build time for the native addons to have access to the required headers when building those on install.

Now the native addons depend on these development headers because they’ll most likely try to dynamically link to the related shared libraries, e.g. from the libsecret-1-0 Ubuntu package. Which means whenever we require some XYZ-devel package at build time, we may require some related XYZ package at runtime.

On the other hand I don’t know what libx11 would be used for in a container, for example.

TL;DR: I don’t think we have a proper list so try to run without some of the packages and see what sticks?

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Thanks @paul-marechal and @msujew for jumping in. I will test those out and let you know!!