Are there complete install instructions for Ubuntu?

There are bits and pieces and options.

But I can’t find an option shown completely from start to finish.

Like a blog that goes through the whole process.

As in:

Have a machine with these minimum specs, then …

install Docker, using this command line

then choose this item to have a complete ide.

Then go-to this URL to find the application in action etc.

I am looking for the specific commands to execute until I have an ide server.

@oldguy thank you for the discussion, can you clarify what exactly your question is?

Are you looking to use one of the already published example docker images, or are you looking to build your own IDE?

If you’re looking to build your own IDE please see:

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I run this script to verify the electron app on a fresh Ubuntu installation. The script might be outdated by now, but I am happy to update if you have any suggestions to improve it. I hope this helps.

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This script worked, and I have an ide on my desktop computer that works well like vs studio.

Now I have a question, can I use the same script on a server offsite, and access the application inside a browser too? As in using chrome to run it?

If so which port?

I am not sure if I completely got this, but for sure, you can run the application on a server and load the application in a browser, such as Chrome.

To build and start the example application for the browser, you have to slightly modify the script:

- && yarn --cwd ~/dev/git/theia rebuild:electron \
- && yarn --cwd ~/dev/git/theia/examples/electron start
+ && yarn --cwd ~/dev/git/theia/examples/browser start

The changes are:

  • remove rebuild:electron as you do not have to deal with electron,
  • start the app from the browser folder instead of the electron.

It’s 3000, by default. You should be able to change it with --port 7777, for example. So the last command (if you stick to the script) should be this:

yarn --cwd ~/dev/git/theia/examples/browser start --port 7777

Then you will be able to load the app on http://localhost:7777/.

I hope this helps. Have fun with Theia.

Thank you for all you help, we are almost there:

I only ran the last line, since the script had already run.
yarn --cwd ~/dev/git/theia/examples/browser start --port 7777

throw e;

Error: Module did not self-register: ‘/home/ddp/dev/git/theia/node_modules/drivelist/build/Release/drivelist.node’.
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at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:863:32)

I Will build from scratch see if that makes a difference

Fantastic, runs great when I used the entire script.
Excellent, thank you again!!!