Are there plans for a proper web discussion forum for users?

[original thread by chrisjj]

[Jonas Helming]

Do you mean users of an end product based on Theia or adopters of Theia?

@chrisjj we’ve had previous discussions regarding potentially using a different platform for discussion (in the past we used gitter).

Do you have a forum to propose?


@chrisjj Jonas, I meant users of Theia, not users of product created with Theia.


@Vince Thanks for the link. I’m reassured by the recognition of the inadequacy of this platform, but left wondering as to the requirements such that it was even considered.

@chrisjj no problem :slight_smile: I believe the main requirements were to find a free solution, the fact that we can create separate threads, and that it should indexed by Google so that past questions and post be discoverable through searching

@chrisjj What areyou missing? We moved to Discourse for Gitpod and some users seem to enjoy it a lot. We could move but there should be a good choice and way to migrate the community. For Gitpod we had to mirror threads and keep using both for a while. If you provide concrete missing featuers and issues it would help. We can also open issues for the spectrum then here:


I see a move from Spectrum Chat has been stared by Marc Dumais. I’d post a link, except the one Spectrum gives goes to the wrong message and contains what looks uncomfortably like tracking info. Not to mention getting it wiped my clipboard without asking. “What are you missing?”. Good behaviour.

Hi @chrisjj , we (Theia committers) tried an alternative forum last fall. It worked fine but when we discussed it most felt that Spectrum has improved sufficiently that the move was not immediately necessary. So we have no plans to move ATM, though we could make new plans if we feel it’s needed in the future.


Thanks Marc.

@chrisjj BTW, one tip about Spectrum: when we discussed this among committers, we realized that many of us came-up with the same work-around: reload the page often. We should’n have to do that, but it seems to work better when you do.


Will do. Perhaps this tip should be shown upon join.

Please provide your feedback to spectrum here:


Sorry if I was unclear. My “Perhaps this tip should be shown upon join.” was a suggestion for specifically. I don’t plan to contribute feedback to Spectrum.