Ariake Dark Theme Request

It’s a wonderful Ariake Dark Theme for VSCode and I was hoping to get it included for Theia?

Just to say I think Theia is a superb idea and for me there is no going back. So thanks and keep up the good work.


@evdwatt thank you for the question, you can include whichever vscode extension you want as part of your application given that you have the necessary Theia extensions included (which provide support).

I don’t believe there is any reason to include a theme in the upstream Theia repository which is used for development, where exactly are you suggesting to include it?

This specific extension’s Marketplace page does not point to a source git repository nor states which license this is released under. It’s a derivative of an MIT-licensed extension, and as such, this work could be re-licensed in an incompatible way to our project, so I would avoid bundling it.

Note: it should be fine for an end-user to install it, assuming they trust it’s not malicious.