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Hm, … Somehow I got Theia running on an AWS Docker Container a while back. I can no longer find the image anymore, though?

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have you looked at theia-apps:

although they are not udpated to use VS Code extensions, you may need to create your own imaage

To add to Anton’s answer, you can find most of the theia-apps images, pre-built, on dockerhub:

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What do you mean “They are not updated to use VS Code extensions”?
… I have been trying off and on for 2 days to get the VSCode ext. to work with the full image.

[A. B. Carroll]

Am I missing something here? =)

@vince-fugnitto Can one build a custom image on the top of full-image with additional VS Code extensions? I remember you did something to allow it.

I don’t remember adding something to the images to support VS Code extensions, but there are examples of images that currently make use of VS Code extensions (ex: theia-go-docker). @marc-dumais also has a small example in which he added the eslint extension to an existing image (

Hi @abcarroll , the full image has been recently updated to have the basic infrastructure to accept VS Code extensions: . In a derived image one could add extensions in that folder, and they should be picked-up when the container is started. However if one adds the extensions in there once the container is started, I do not think this will work, since a restart of the Theia backend is required, and the app is started in the entrypoint. We plan to enhance VS Code extensions support in these example apps, but it will take a while.

As well, as one adds VS Code extensions, on needs as well to remove corresponding ones on the Theia side, or there will be clashes.

TL;DR: ATM experimenting with VS Code extensions in Theia might be easier natively vs in docker