Browser sample failing on Red Hat 7.8

Greetings, trying to build the samples from the git master branch on a Red Hat x86_64 machine that is on level 7.8 (Maipo).

Node 12.14.1
Yarn 1.7.0
and I believe I have all the other dependencies installed as documented
No changes to what appears in git
Running yarn against the main monorepo appears to complete successfully.

yarn run start --hostname to launch the browser sample
Using both Firefox and Edge browsers results in the following console message
Failed to start the frontend application. index.js:86
exports index.js:86
ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 48 failed.
Chunk 48 appears to be the fast-plist module

Can build and run the samples on Windows 10.

Know Red Hat is generally behind to ensure stability for a lot of Linux packages so assuming that might be an issue, but not quite sure how to diagnose to verify. Know I had it working from a previous branch but haven’t determined which level that was. Any ideas?

Hi @mrgritte,

It looks like the browser is unable to load the whole frontend application. Maybe the build did not actually succeed? Please double-check the webpack part towards the end of the build.

We have Theia applications building/running on RHEL 7 internally, and AFAIK this issue has not popped-up yet. When encountering strange issue with the browser example, it’s a good idea to try to reproduce with Chromium.

Have you tried with the Electron example? I would be curious if it has similar issue.

Thanks for the pointer.
Comparing the logs between my Windows and my Linux runs I do not see anything that would indicate that one succeeded vs failed. neither have a webpack: Compile succeeded Plenty of circular dependencies warnings but those appear on the Windows build too.

Electron is a little more tricky in my current environment having to set up a remote desktop, but can give it a try.

After some tweaks (install XSrcnSvr for a library and file owner and permission changes for chrome-sandbox) the electron example seems to working on the system.

After some more poking around seems that it is the attempt to access the application off of the system. localhost:3000 works on my VM without specifying the hostname parameter. So might be a networking or firewall something or other?

Hi @mrgritte,

Yes, it could be something network-related - the Electron application is the simpler case, where both the Theia backend (node) and frontend (browser) run on the same machine.

I got a bit confused trying to figure your setup. Do I understand right that your host is Windows, and you have a RHEL VM running on it, in which you compile and run a Theia app?

It is definitely network/VPN related. Had some coworkers attempt the URI for the provided sample and it works for them without issue

The Linux VM hosting the theia app is provisioned in a cloud environment. Windows laptop attempting to access the system via a web browser.

So looks like I have a headache figuring out why I in particular am having the network issue.

Thanks for the help.

You may be interested in the following issue - the specifics are different, the challenges may be similar. Do not be shy to chime-in:

Or at least you may face similar once you get pass the frontend application loading in the browser.