[Bug Report] Cannot create new window after reload the current empty window


New Window does not work after reload the current window.

Reproduction Step:

  1. Run the electron example: (We can see the window 1)

  2. Reload the window: (Reload the window 1)

  3. Click the New Window in the menu but it does not work: (Cannot create a new window)

BTW, you can open a new window (window 2) before reload it (window 1) and reload the window 2. And then, the menu item New Window of window 2 (that means window 2 is actived) does not work anymore, but the menu item New Window of window 1 (that means window 1 is actived) still works.

I’m testing the Theia master branch on MacOS

Hey @inlann,

do you mind reporting this on the Theia github repo? This board is meant for questions and discussions.

ok :smile: