[Bug Report][Git] Remove incorrect modified file when I discard an added file


Open a project with git source control:

Then, create two new python file and modify a json file and a markdown file:

Switch the sidebar to the Git and open the markdown file and the json file in working tree mode:

Bug 1:

Toggle working tree editors, but the change list does not highlight corresponding file:

Bug 2:

Discard the test.py (added file), the dialog will show the file which is active in the editor:

Bug 3:

Open test2.py(added file) in editor and discard test.py(another added file):

Bug 4:

Reload window.

Discard added files without open them in the editor and the discard will not work:

I’m testing the Theia v1.28

@inlann thank you for the discussion, please post bugs or issues on github instead (Issues · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub) after verifying they are still present on master. I believe that for instance the discard bug is already fixed.

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Right! The discard works fine :smile:

Is it better to open the newly created file in working tree mode?

BTW, highlighting files in the change list is a better user experience when the user switches editors :wink:

@inlann I’ve opened scm: file change tree should highlight active editor · Issue #11558 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub to track the feature, if interested please don’t hesitate in contributing a pull-request.

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