Build Docker image from custom Theia

I’ve clone the project from
I modify some code to disable " Download file " from IDE
Now ; i would build a Docker image , to use it in Eclipse Che later in customize Workspace

Hello @chtourou-youssef!
I would advise against directly modifying the main repository in order to provide a custom application, instead you should follow the guide on how to build applications:

The main repository is the project used to develop @theia extensions and is not a product. If you require customization they should be in the form of new extensions which extend or override the default implementations.

For Docker, you may want to look at the number of already available docker images present under

Can you advice and help me to build my own IDE
I don’t have knowledge with software developpement

@chtourou-youssef the best advice I can give would be to review documentation mainly how:

You may want to review @theia/api-samples which has different examples of possible contributions, and can help with extending functionality.

I don’t have knowledge with software development

It may be difficult to build your own application (in addition to docker) without knowledge or experience in software development.