Build result difference according to backend(browser or electron)

Hello, I am a beginner developer who is trying to use Theia and TypeScript for the first time.

Even though there is a compile error, I noticed that the build results are different depending on the build environment (browser or electron). Why does this phenomenon occur?

For example, in the error ts1005, the build fails in the browser backend, but it builds successfully in the electron backend and works as intended even though there is an error.


# example ts1005; no ','
export class TestContribution extends AbstractViewContribution<TestWidget> {
    constructor() {
            widgetId: TestWidget.ID,
            widgetName: TestWidget.LABEL,
            defaultWidgetOptions: { area: 'right' },
            toggleKeybinding:'ctrlcmd+9'    #  error at toggleKeybinding but it works in electronic backend