Building theia inside docker image

I’m trying to build theia repo inside node:10.16.0-stretch and get the following errors:

Command: node-gyp rebuild

Are there any special installations that need to be installed on the container in order to build theia?

[original thread by amiramw]


gyp info spawn args [ ‘BUILDTYPE=Release’, ‘-C’, ‘build’ ]
make: Entering directory ‘/home/node/theia/node_modules/vscode-nsfw/build’
CXX(target) Release/
…/src/NSFW.cpp: In static member function ‘static void NSFW::fireErrorCallback(uv_async_t)’:
…/src/NSFW.cpp:56:44: warning: ‘v8::Localv8::Value Nan::Callback::Call(int, v8::Localv8::Value
) const’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
baton->nsfw->mErrorCallback->Call(1, argv);
In file included from …/src/…/includes/NSFW.h:5:0,
from …/src/NSFW.cpp:1:
…/…/nan/nan.h:1618:3: note: declared here
Call(int argc, v8::Localv8::Value argv[]) const {


full log is to big for here apperently maybe related?

Could you try? If it helps please comment there and we will merge it.

Maybe related: over the weekend, all Docker images under the theia-apps repo were failing their tests. But it looks like they all passed yesterday evening.

@amiramw, can you please open a GH issue with the entire stack trace? Guessing from this 10 lines does not make much sense to me. Thanks!