Can I use .scss in a Theia extension

I need to be able to use .scss files inside a custom Theia extension. From what I’ve seen so far extensions created using the Theia code generator as well as samples and 3rd party Theia extensions/apps use only .css files.

Introducing the required webpack settings to either the browser-app/webpack.config.js or electron-app/webpack.config.js does not work.

Pointers or tips appreciated. Happy to provide either the specific errors I’m seeing, snippets of the relevant code or a simple extension demoing the case.

@Yoli more information about your issue is always appreciated. Does your webpack config correctly transform .scss files into .css or doesn’t it do anything at all?

I theory, nothing should stop you from using .scss in a Theia based application, although I haven’t tried that yet.

Thanks for responding @msujew! Problem solved, happy to share either a sample or required changes, should that be of interest. This was in the context of using LitElement-s inside a Thea extension.