Can the file system achieve mutual file transfer similar to xftp

How does Theia achieve file transfer function, similar to the one in xFTP, where the client and server can transfer files to each other, and can add, delete, modify, and check? Can the file system achieve that function

@rainwell I don’t think anyone is aware of such a feature implemented in Theia. I can imagine implementing it using the local file system browser API. You could then try to sync the data between remote files and the user file system.

Is the current development based on theia file system capable of achieving this function, or is it using this File System API - Web APIs | MDN Is the content of this document being developed? Has Theia fully resolved the addition, deletion, modification, and search of local files, selecting the previous directory and disk selection function, File System API - Web APIs | MDN The relationship with Theia’s file system is

If I want to initialize, I will display the disk and files. It’s not like selecting a file and then selecting it. Therefore, if the browser cannot access the disk, I can only render it by selecting the file. However, for Electron, can this initialization be implemented to display the disk system, including operations such as adding, deleting, checking, and selecting the disk structure? Can you elaborate on how to achieve this, Can you explain the specific details of implementing the file system

As mentioned, I’m not aware of any feature/functionality in Theia that allows to easily sync between local and remote files.

Currently, Theia is always using the local file system on which the Theia backend is running. In case you’re deploying an Electron app, it will use the local file system of the user. In a browser app, it will use the file system of the server/container/pod/etc that you’re using to deploy the server component.

Someone from the Theia team is currently working on a PR for using Theia without a backend system that mocks a file system in a browser. See here. It might make sense for you to look into it.

I am currently running browser, and I would like to implement it for now. Simply clicking the button will open the system disk of the computer. After selecting the disk, I will select the file and also need to implement addition, deletion, and modification. Can I directly use Theia’s API to complete this? Because Theia comes with its own node, it should be implemented using the corresponding API of the node, so I want to directly use Theia’s API. I know that browsers cannot directly obtain the disk, but the client, Alternatively, it is possible to implement Theia with nodes in the front-end, as there is a node environment. Can you please describe the corresponding APIs implemented by Theia,