Can the remote backend be shared?

hello, I want to know, when deploying using the local front-end + remote back-end model,must the front-end and the back-end correspond to each other? Can the back-end services be shared? Can multiple front-ends connect to the same back-end?

Yes, the back end is shared, but it’s probably simpler to answer you if you sketch what you’re trying to achieve.

thanks and what I want to know is when a backend is shared, will multiple frontends affect each other and are there any side effects?

The most obvious side effect is that multiple users can edit the same workspace, possibly even the same files on the backend’s filesystem. Other issues could be that an extension installed by a single user is available for every user of that backend. E.g. if user A deinstalls an extension during runtime, user B will be no longer be able to use that extension, unless they install it again. Although that can be mitigated by disabling the vsx contribution and hard coding any used vscode extensions in your package.json.

Ok, thanks a lot

@gaomin as I understand, with electron a remote backend is actualy not possible : Connect to a remote backend

Hope it can be soon.