Can we provide custom icons in context menu

Is it possible to add custom icons along with labels for the context menu as shown

yes we can, You have action registry for that and use proper icon

@LOGAN thank you for the discussion, it is possible to add an icon to a menu item, or an iconClass to the command itself. We have a few examples, most notably from the debug main-menu, but it also works for context-menus:


 export const UPLOAD = Command.toLocalizedCommand({
     id: 'file.upload',
     category: CommonCommands.FILE_CATEGORY,
-    label: 'Upload Files...'
+    label: 'Upload Files...',
+    iconClass: codicon('cloud-upload')
 }, 'theia/filesystem/uploadFiles', CommonCommands.FILE_CATEGORY_KEY);

Please note that if you are running the desktop (electron) application the icons will not be visible unless you have the preference which enables the custom menus over native ones on (this is also not true for all operating systems).

Thank you
It worked