Cannot automatically install vscode plugin in Theia

I would like to deploy an instance of Theia with a VS Code plugin. Following the docs here (, I can test the extension successfully, but it requires a manual step. I have created a plugins directory and put my vsix file there, but it is not being installed from Theia.

I see this works if I build Theia from sources, is it possible to get a instance of Theia + plugins without building Theia from sources?

Thanks for your help

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[Dominique Rochefort]

I just found my answer, I can use the THEIA_PLUGINS environment variable to set the plugins folder: THEIA_PLUGINS=local-dir:./plugins yarn start. Any plugin available in this directory gets loaded automatically when I launch Theia.

[Dominique Rochefort]

I think it would be useful to mention this in the doc page.

@dominique-rochefort it should not be necessary

it’s already configured via plugins cli option:

[Dominique Rochefort]

Thanks @anton-kosyakov