Cannot build Theia-based App

When building my Theia-based app I get

[4/4] 📃  Building fresh packages...
[1/10] ⠁ electron
[2/10] ⠁ vscode-nsfw
[3/10] ⠁ node-pty
[6/10] ⠁ vscode-ripgrep
error /Users/koehnlein/Documents/devel/Lilly/git/Lilly_Themis/theia-app/node_modules/vscode-ripgrep: Command failed.
Exit code: 1
Command: node ./lib/postinstall.js
Directory: /Users/koehnlein/Documents/devel/Lilly/git/Lilly_Themis/theia-app/node_modules/vscode-ripgrep

[original thread by Jan Köhnlein]

Yarn doesn’t even start compiling the workspace. I have to delete the yarn.lock to make it build again. Any ideas what causes this? I am relying on pre-Xmas next versions.

We don’t remove any versions, maybe vscode-rigrepo unpublished some versions

[Peter Haumer]

Has anyone found a solution for this issue? I am not able to build with Theia 3.17 nor 3.18 getting the same error.

I don’t think it is realdy to Theia at all.

vscode-rigrep is published on GitHub, not npm for some reasons

and yarn just fails to pull it sometimes

i had something like that today trying to assemble vscode itself, after only couple attempts it went through :frowning:

Peter, regarding the “ripgrep” issue: as Anton said, the binary for ripgrep is distributed on GitHub and they have a rate-limited API that covers it. Working behind a corporate proxy, many GH requests will seem to come from one IP address, and all count as one “client” against that rate limit. That limit is low by default, but much higher when you’re authenticated. To authenticate in the context of build or a CI job, you can generate and then use a GitHub token. The CI for our Docker images in the theia-apps repo uses that (for project members / committers).

[Peter Haumer]

Oh man, you are right. I had lost my API key and forgot that this was the symptom :wink: Sorry about that.