Change linux server accounts when open theia terminal view


When theia user open theia terminal view, terminal opens with Linux accounts by the node.js starts.
I want change another linux server accounts when open theia terminal view.

Is there any idea ?

It looks like modify “terminalPath” url with another user account below code(node/terminal-backend-module.ts file).
Is it right?

export function bindTerminalServer(bind: interfaces.Bind, { path, identifier, constructor }: {
path: string,
identifier: interfaces.ServiceIdentifier,
constructor: {
// eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-explicit-any
new(…args: any[]): IBaseTerminalServer;

bindTerminalServer(bind, {
path: terminalPath,
identifier: ITerminalServer,
constructor: TerminalServer
bindTerminalServer(bind, {
path: shellTerminalPath,
identifier: IShellTerminalServer,
constructor: ShellTerminalServer