Changed config object in resolveDebugConfiguration()

I have DebugAdapterContribution that during the launch lets the user fill some of the missing value in resolveDebugConfiguration(). So the configuration object returned by resolveDebugConfiguration() has properties that are different from the object that was passed. I was expecting that the returned configuration object will be stored to “launch.json” file for the consecutive launches. But it does not. Effectively the user is being asked over and over again for the same values. Is there a way to have the changed values in the configuration object persisted in “launch.json”?

[original thread by Dobrin Alek]

It probably can be done by DebugAdapterContribution. Please also consider using VS Code extensions to provide language and debug support instead of using Theia contribution points. We are considering to use only for VS Code extensions for such contributions.

[Dobrin Alek]

Thank you. Does it mean my current plugins won’t be loaded in some of the future releases?

No, plugins are means to implement VS Code extensions. It means that one cannot contribute language and debugging support via Theia extensions.