Chinese language-pack extension not work in second instance

I installed chinese language-pack extension, and it work well, but when I start the second instance, it can’t work.
in the development environment,start multiple instances with yarn start.
or in the production environment, start multiple instances with click shortcut.

look at the menu
first snapshot:

second snapshot:


Hi @gaomin,

it seems like second instances have their localStorage reset. This is where we store the selected locale. The issues likely stems from Electron locking the index.db file which contains the localStorage. A second process then isn’t able to load the original localStorage. This seems to be a general issue, and I’ve created an issue to keep track of this with a proposal on how to fix it.

If you want it to be fixed right now, you could in theory just set the backend.config.singleInstance property the true and override the ElectronMainApplication#onSecondInstance method to open a new window.


Hello, I would like to ask you how to set up the Chinese language pack

hello, 我直接用的这个vscode的插件,安装后根据这个插件的说明设置一下就可以了,

Hello, I use this vscode plugin directly. After installation, you can set it up according to the instructions of this plugin.

Hello, I would like to ask you how to set up the Chinese language pack

@chenqinggang thank you for the question, there would be two ways depending on the use-case.

As an application developer:

  • include zh-hant or zh-hans as a builtin extension (extension that is defined in your application’s package.json by default (example).
  • potentially update your application’s defaultLocale so that chinese is the initial/default language (example)

As a user:

  • open the extensions-view and search and install the chinese language pack of your choice
  • trigger the command configure language
  • select chinese from the dropdown - the application will change language after a restart

How to realize the prompt when the user opens the project that the Chinese version has been built-in, when the user clicks to use Chinese, it will be refreshed and become a Chinese display

@wenqi You mean using Chinese as a default language? You can simply set the defaultLocale of your frontend app configuration to zh-cn. See our docs for more info.