Code highlighting with minimal editor and packages

Hi, I’m trying to setup theia with just a minimal editor and file navigator.
I’m able to achieve that using the following packages:

@theia/core": "next",
"@theia/navigator": "next", 
"@theia/preferences": "next",

However with only these packages there is no code highlighting.
Following your examples I added vscode plugins that add code highlighting support.
The issue I’m seeing is that when I add the “@theia/plugin-ext-vscode” dependecy the generated IDE contains many other packages and UI components I don’t want to include (debug, terminal, outline, etc.).

How can I add code highlighting while keeping the IDE minimal with just an editor and a navigator?


the problem is that plugin-ext-vscode depends on plugin-ext which in turn depends on just about everything.

I believe the only thing you can do is to rebind whatever you don’t need to your own implementation, which contains stub implementations of register functions (like registerCommands, registerMenus etc.). Take a look at this comment by @akosyakov: Creating a custom Theia-based code-editor

As I also still need to do this in my own project I did some research and found this link which could hopefully set you in the right direction:

Thanks for the pointers.

One direction I’m having some success with is manually removing packages from src-gen/backend/server.js.

I’m not sure that’s a viable option - that file will get regenerated when you run build.