CodeWithMe - JetBrains ( source hide)

I am new on THEIA. DID not ever use it. I am looking such file hiding feature like CodeWithMe - JetBrains. complete source control, who can write or read I have a control as an admin.

Could anyone can tell me, does THEIA has such feature like - I can select files & folders for hiding before sharing with developers? Please guide me.

  • Gossy

Hey @gossy

Given that Theia does not implement a workspace sharing feature at all (this would be part of an underlying infrastructure, not a part of Theia), hiding source code from users isn’t a requirement for Theia itself. Theia is at its core a framework, albeit with tons and tons of functionality straight out-of-the-box. You can always implement such a feature yourself if you need it.

Thanks for reply. I need an expert to customise theia. if you are an expert then please let me know.