Collaborative editing?

Given the current world situation this would be a killer feature… I.e. if users connecting to the web instance could share a session with changes being made visible to all in real time. One “driver” at a time would be a fine limitation… i assume that is more or less needed initially. Has anyone experimented with making a setup like this?

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[Mahmut Jomaa]

Collaborative text editing is usually done with operational transformation. Google needed 2 years to implement Google Wave (now Apache Wave). I guess it takes less time now but it is not something you do in a span of a few months if you want to implement it the right way.

@mahmut-jomaa well said, this is also my concern. While the idea is great, not everyone is actually able to implement this. I sure cannot as things are now. But anyone is welcome to make a Theia extension (not sure a VS Code extension would allow doing it?) and prototype something.

It would be great if some implements such extension or even maybe service that different Theia clients could use it to discover each other.

[Kevin Ard]

how compatible is theia with vscode extensions? I’m zero far into theia, really, but I was planning to experiment with this

[Denis Vasilik]

As I read from some chats I think the intension is that Theia fully supports the public API of VS Code extensions. Theia’s API is seen as a superset. Since, Theia’s release v1.0.0 I package my extensions as VS Code extensions instead of a custom Theia build and it works like a charm. I found live-share here. May be it works right away or at least with some minor adjustements.

[Denis Vasilik]

Just a short update on that. I tried to make live-share work. The VS Code extension can be integrated into Theia, live-share related UI elements show up, but unfortunately some background activity runs into an exception. It was worth a try. Nevertheless, I think the VS Code extension is a good starting point for a Theia live-share extension. The weird thing is that I haven’t found the MS sources, yet.

[Denis Vasilik]

Ok, sources are not public (see

MS Live-share is not open-source extension and it is illegal to use outside of MS products.

Recently, I’ve seen a demo from the student who started working on VS Code extension for adding co-editing capabilities to Theia and Eclipse Che. Seems, he worked on it during last Google Summer of Code.
AFAIK, it’s based on Atom Teletype.
Here’s some skeleton code

we should check out