Community Release shifted by one month

Hi community,

please note that we have decided to shift by one month, so the release candidate will be available in Jan 23, final release in Feb 23 (see Push community release by one month · Issue #376 · eclipse-theia/theia-website · GitHub) and here for all dates: Theia - Cloud and Desktop IDE Platform

The reason for this is to avoid the Christmas time where most of us will be on vacation. This would significantly shorten the stabilization and try out phase for the release candidate. On the positive side, we have a good chance to complete compatibility with VS Code extensions version 1.64 (see [vscode] API gap: Theia master vs. VS Code 1.64.2 · Issue #11520 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub).

The shift will avoid the Christmas break for future years, too. We will go back to a 3 months cycle after this.

Best regards,