Connect to a remote backend

Hello everyone,

We are using Theia since THEIA since few month now with a frontend in a web browser.
We are now looking at compiling THEIA in Electron et connect the Electron frontend to the server backend.

How to do that ?
If the idea of backend and frontend separation is displayed everywhere, I did not find such information about how to connect a specific frontend to a specific backend.

Is there anything I’ll miss, this feature is a key concept.


@Al thank you for the discussion, there was some investigation done in the past for an electron target with a remote backend but it was not finalized:

Closed pull-request:

So, if I understand well THEIA is not really ready for this. It seems that there is no move for a while arount that. Should we consider this will never be possible ?

In fact this is why we choose THEIA at the begining. The possibility to execute a desktop program to code on en remote code base.

Is there a way to test the PR ?

@Al it is not yet supported to have a desktop application with a remote backend, but it should be possible to have a remote workspace using something like ssh. There is no activity on the issue since it was not a use-case at the time which was required, and there are some design decisions to think about including security, and electron-apis.

cc @paul-marechal do you have anything to add?

I have not the hybrid exemple, how can I test it.

If the only reason is security I can deal with that. We already added some security connexion in our remote THEIA at this point.

I have not the hybrid exemple, how can I test it.

I don’t believe it is in a working state for anyone to test (it was submitted in 2018).
If curious you can try and follow the steps described in the pull-request:

  • clone the repository.
  • checkout the branch.
  • proceed to follow the steps highlighted in the pull-request itself.