Consuming VS Code built-ins

Hi folks,

we plan to move to using VS Code built-in extensions soon. To me it’s not clear if we can consume pre-built packages from somewhere or whether we need to set up our own build. Any insights?

[original thread by Thomas Mäder]

They are published to npm.js. Theia should be capable to install them from there already, i.e. to install git extension.

published from this repo:

Yes, but where are they published to?


npm info @theia/vscode-builtin-git dist.tarball - to get an URL

Is there a shortcut if one wants to include all built-ins in a Theia app? Or do we need to list each one individually? Would including them as dependencies in our own extensions make sense at least for some cases? e.g.@theia/scm depending on @theia/vscode-builtin-git?

Theia extensions could be used without VS Code extensions. Also the concrete product can decide not to use built-in extensions. So i would prefer just to list links to them somewhere. Maybe we could auto generate such list during publishing in

Ideally we should do, then links will be in our repo. @marc-dumais maybe we should reconsider and fix theia-apps afterwards, otherwise it never happens that we move away from Theia extensions, e.g. for java nobody is using Theia extension in reality, also our examples in the repo not really matching to how real apps are composed making reviewing PRs harder. I don’t think TypeFox has capacity right now to update theia-apps to use built-in extensions.