Control download action

Is there a way to filter out some files in the final artefact generated by the download command? I’d like to strip out some folders (e.g. node_modules/).

Also it would be great to have .tar.gz support

[original thread by Julien Eluard]

@jeluard please file an issue for feature request

You should be able to customize download handler on the backend with a custom extension btw

[Julien Eluard]

@anton-kosyakov Thanks for your answer! I created the following issue:

@jeluard ok, thx, PRs are also welcomed, i don’t think active committers are interested into working on it right now

[Julien Eluard]

Ok! I tried to override the relevant FileDownloadHandler in an extension but bind fails. Unbind fails too :slight_smile:
Any idea how this should be done? Is that the right approach?

@jeluard there only way for now to unbind all FileDownloadHandler and bind them again, you will need to copy bindings from file-download-backend-module

[Julien Eluard]

@anton-kosyakov So that should be unbind(FileDownloadHandler) ? I must be doing something dumb, I get the following error: No matching bindings found for serviceIdentifier: FileDownloadHandler

after that you should bind like here but own implementations:

the error says that there is no bindings, if you do only unbind without providing new bindings then it makes sense

[Julien Eluard]

Oh my bad you are right! Somehow I was assuming the unbind call was the one throwing the exception…