CQ for new dependency

@marc-dumais: I’ve added a new dependency in theia here. Do you care for a CQ?

[original thread by Jan Bicker]

Hi @jbicker ! I would normally say yes, but I think there is no point until we remove the dugite-bundled git, since the analysis of the CQ will stop there and we’ll need to re-submit the attachment once git is removed. (I did a quick check for the new “electron-store” npm dependency and it, along with its own recursive production dependencies, looks fine (mix of MIT and ISC)

@marc-dumais: Thank you for this detailed answer!

we remove the dugite-bundled git

Got it! I will do my best to create the PR…


What’s a CQ?

@dehru a CQ is a Contribution Questionnaire https://www.eclipse.org/projects/handbook/#ip-cq