Custom hidden files

Hey, I want to add certain files to be hidden in the file tree.
In navigator-filter, inside toggleHiddenFiles, current . files are being shown/hidden on toggle hidden files click.
I added the regex for the files that I want to hide, but nothing is getting hidden.
Am I missing something?

[original thread by vinay badhan]

Hi, docs says: Configure glob patterns for excluding files and folders. - Regex are not supported.

[vinay badhan]

Hi Anton, I tried with glob pattern. It doesn’t reflect in the web app for browser example. However when I set it in the preference section of the web app and add the glob pattern there, it works there. Am I missing something?

Please file a bug, maybe it gets ignored somehow. Please explain how to reproduce though, more details is better.

[vinay badhan]

Filed the bug.
Also added the steps to reproduce.