Custom Theming does not work

Hey guys, I am quite new in Theia and trying to use a custom theme like on . I created a new Extension and copied all the files i need into it. I am getting an error which says:

Error: Can't resolve './' in 'myPathToTheia\custom-theme-extension\node_modules\vscode-textmate\release'
 @ ../custom-theme-extension/node_modules/@theia/monaco/lib/browser/textmate/monaco-theme-registry.js 67:24-50
 @ ../custom-theme-extension/lib/browser/dracula-theme.js
 @ ../custom-theme-extension/lib/browser/custom-theme-extension-frontend-module.js
 @ ./src-gen/frontend/index.js

ERROR in ../custom-theme-extension/lib/browser/dracula-theme.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '../../src/browser/style/dracula.useable.css' in 'myPathToTheia\custom-theme-extension\custom-theme-extension\lib\browser'
 @ ../custom-theme-extension/lib/browser/dracula-theme.js 4:18-72
 @ ../custom-theme-extension/lib/browser/custom-theme-extension-frontend-module.js
 @ ./src-gen/frontend/index.js

How do I need to adjust the path, so that Theia will find CSS and JS files? Or is it something else which causes this error?

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@paulf98 the examples present under theia-themes are a bit outdated since we have migrated to directly using VS Code theming extensions (as can be seen from the repo’s only issue (

If you’d like to create a custom theme, you can do so as a VS Code theme and consume it in your Theia-based application:


Thank you for your quick reply, I think I will get along with this :slight_smile:

@vince-fugnitto maybe delete repo? Or archive and replace REAMDE with what should be used instead?

Already in the works :slight_smile: