CustomEditor issue

So sorry to bother. I found we have already support CustomEditor API, but how to set “priority” in package.json.

package.json in my extension like this:

“customEditors”: [


            "viewType": "xxxx.xxxx",

            "displayName": "Open with my Editor",

            "selector": [


                    "filenamePattern": "*.xxx"



            "priority": "option"



It works in vscode. But in Theia, the file is always opened by custom editor.

I want open code editor when priority is “option”. :grinning:

@edisonT thank you for the discussion :+1:

I confirmed it was a bug and implemented a fix:

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Thank you so much. :grinning: :+1:


I saw this fix not is not merged. I really need it. May I ask when this fix can be merged? :grinning:

Thank you so much.

Forget the previous reply. Thank you @vince-fugnitto. The fix has already been merged