DAP - Different behavior between VSC and Theia (Reloaded)

When using the resume, step next or step in functions, the scope tree in the Variables view refreshes completely in Theia, this leads to a collapsed tree, while the tree in VSC remains to the previous state and leaves any expanded part as it is, by just refreshing whatever needs to. Is there a way to do the same in Theia?

[original thread by ParOvBroadcom]

Hi, generally theia trees merge collapse and expansion state for new elements, so it should be preserved.

In this case, it could happen that tree gets updated several times with no element and then with new element. So first time UI state will be lost. We can try to add some timing that tree does not get cleaned up immediately on step next but waits a bit. I’m not sure that it works in VS Code btw if step next takes considerable amount of time.

Please file an issue.

[Yuriy Shekochihin]

@iurii-shch thank, i’ve seen, unfortunately I don’t have time to analyze what has to be done, feel free to dive yourself