Data Breakpoints

I saw that @anton-kosyakov is working on debugger features (breakpoints mostly). Are there any plans to add data breakpoints (aka watchpoints)?

[original thread by Thomas Mäder]

~They are already there~ I probably confuse watchpoints with watch expressions. Is it the same? Or something different?

but i don’t think it will land be landed this or next week

It depends on, which is not completely tested and quite breaking, i want to postpone till we have 0.9.0 out

ok, just read what it is, not i don’t think it is planned

i will need to check whether DAP support watchpoints at all

Could you file an issue please to support them?

I don’t think DAP support it. There is a request for it in VS Code:

and It seems to belong to July milestone, if they extend it we can introduce it in Theia later this Autumn

There seems to be support in DAP already:

ok, filing an issue will be good

I won’t be able to cover it this time, sorry. Today is the last planned development day to support new breakpoint kinds. After that only reviewing and bug fixing.