December release (0.3.18)

Anyone needs a release this week/month? Please ask for it on Spectrum ASAP.

Hello, I’m interested in a new release 0.3.18

There are nice improvements on debug stuff and plug-ins (and many other things) that we want to integrate into Eclipse Che using a tagged release of Theia.

[original thread by Florent BENOIT]

Hi Florent. Practically, the release would have to be today or maybe tomorrow, since on Friday I am leaving for x-mas vacations. So should there be issues with the new release, it might prevent building for a few weeks. Alternatively I could do this coming-back from vacation, around Jan 7-8th.

Hello Marc, I’m fine with tomorrow and we can have more releases as well. So can be one tomorrow for X-Mas release and one around 7-8th January :slight_smile:

Sure, we can do that. Do you expect that there will be much content merged between now and January 7-8th? I guess we can see then if it’s worth to do another release right away or wait for the regular end-of-month release

@marc-dumais sure we can see how it’s going on next year if a lot of commits happened

Hi all. Last chance to merge a PR before the release. I will be starting in about an hour.

I will start the release. Please do not merge anything in master until done

ok, all done

thank you!

thank you @marc-dumais have nice x-mas vacations !