Default language configuration is set but does not take effect


@xiaofan thank you for the discussion, the defaultLocale application configuration prop is useful to set the default locale for users (with the assumption that the given language-pack is also installed) when the application is first started. If users have changed locales afterwards then the default locale will not take effect.

Can you confirm that localeId in the local storage is not set (which would override the defaultLocale):

And of course confirm that the zh-cn language-pack is also installed.

I can confirm that localeId is not set, keep the default value, and the zh-CN language-pack is also installed.


Is your screenshot supposed to show that the localeId is not set? Because it’s set to en in your screenshot. When first starting the application, there’s no entry for localeId in the local storage. Only in this case the defaultLanguage set in the frontend application config takes effect.

However, after I clear it and restart it, it still does not take effect. Is there any other reason for this to take effect?

Um, yeah maybe two things:

First off, I noticed that you’re using version 1.69.0 of the language pack, but Theia expects you to use 1.53.2.

Also, is test project the name of your Theia project? Can you confirm in your plugins view (View -> Plugins) that the extension is installed correctly?

The view shows that the plugin is installed. Another problem I have here is that when I set the language to Chinese through the configure display language command, only part of the content is translated to Chinese (the content of the plantUML plugin is translated).