DefaultJsonSchemaContribution non-blocking error thrown in the console

I’m seeing errors in the console related to DefaultJsonSchemaContribution, but I am not sure what could cause that.

I am running Theia version 1.20. But this error is not new, it’s been showing for a while, but we’ve ignored it because it’s not blocking the users.

root ERROR DefaultJsonSchemaContribution.registerSchemas is taking more than 500.0 ms, new schemas are ignored.
log	@	logger-protocol.ts:112
(anonymous)	@	logger-frontend-module.ts:41
(anonymous)	@	logger.ts:312
(anonymous)	@	logger.ts:304
Promise.then (async)		
log	@	logger.ts:299
log	@	logger.ts:45
(anonymous)	@	json-schema-store.ts:71
Promise.then (async)		
onStart	@	json-schema-store.ts:69
(anonymous)	@	frontend-application.ts:362
measure	@	frontend-application.ts:392
startContributions	@	frontend-application.ts:361
await in startContributions (async)		
start	@	frontend-application.ts:132
start	@	index.js:87
Promise.then (async)		
(anonymous)	@	index.js:73
Promise.then (async)		
./src-gen/frontend/index.js	@	index.js:28
__webpack_require__	@	bootstrap:19
(anonymous)	@	startup:4
(anonymous)	@	startup:4

Any pointers would be appreciated.


This seems to be related: Suppress error log on unbind

Should I do the unbind+bind in a custom extension?
But I am not sure why I’d have to do that.

@drochgenius the reference you linked (unbind + bind) does not seem to be related as I don’t believe you are unbinding DefaultJsonSchemaContribution in your application. The log is more about the fact that registerSchema is taking longer than expected for onStart but it is not necessarily caused by the schema itself. It might be that one onStart contribution is taking time.

I believe the following issue is related:

@drochgenius, curious to know since I am facing a similar error with another contribution. How were you able to resolve this contribution’s onStart error ?