Deploy Plugin By Id - Removed in 1.28.0

Hi team,

We’re trying to upgrade from 1.27.0 to latest version. But, one of the change we’ve noticed is that Deploy Plugin By Id has been removed in 1.28.0. However, we’re using & overriding the PluginExtDeployCommandService class to block external users from installing plugins in 1.27.0.

Is there an alternative for this class from 1.28.0 or it’s been completely ridden? If it’s ridden, is there a way for us to block end users from installing plugins?


@chid.crushev thank you for the discussion, as you’ve pointed out the command (and class were removed with plugin: remove `deploy plugin by id` command by vince-fugnitto · Pull Request #11417 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub). Following the discussion as to the reason why the command was removed there are essentially two ways that end-users can install plugins in the application, through the “extensions-view”, and through the “install from vsix…” command.

If you do not want to let users search and install extensions then you can simply not include @theia/vsx-registry to your application (which contributes the “extensions” view). If you still want to keep this functionality but not let users install plugins from their local filesystem then you can un-register the command:

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