Deploy theia ide app

Hi there
I need to deploy an example app from github, anyone from these apps but would be better theia-full-docker app, I have tried on heroku and render but I can’t do it,
any guide, code, advice will be helpful

thanks in advance.

@User123 thank you for the discussion, what exactly is your use-case?

If you want to use the heroku path, what fails for you when following their documentation:

Thank you for your answer.
yes I am following their doc. and there is such error while deploying…

@User123 I believe the error message is pretty straightforward, it cannot locate the clang packages.
The error is also present at the moment in theia-apps (log), its likely that clang had a recent release that updated the location.

You can probably downgrade your LLVM version in the dockerfile for the time being.

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Note that the docker images present under theia-apps are only examples, and used for CI they are not production ready so it would be better to develop and maintain your own image. For example, we use a “bleeding edge” version of LLVM to try out the latest features, but for your own image you might want something more stable.

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