Deploying the browser app

I am looking to deploy the theia browser app. Deploying with a django web app would be best as I’m familiar with python and django framework.

I’m open to other options as well.

[original thread by Nicholas Han]

Not sure why you need pythong and django. Theia is already node.js based the web app, you just need a hosting capable to deploy it.

[Nicholas Han]

Could you further elaborate on this? I intend to make a website with multiple pages/menus, user login and the theia web app in it.

Only certain people within my university would be able access to this web app unlike google and facebook.

ah, ok, if you want to build another web app embedding Theia then it makes sense, you are free to use whatever best suite you

[Nicholas Han]

ok i see, also i’m not sure how to embed theia within another web app. Given that launching the theia browser app uses commands such as yarn theia start. Any suggestions ?

Your application can use iframe to embed Theia. You will start 2 web servers one serving Theia, another your web app.