Discussion about 'support vscode scm api' issue

I have some questions in https://github.com/theia-ide/theia/issues/4103. I think it’s better to discuss the approach here

[original thread by Igor Vinokur]

Could you again ask the questions? It is not clear what it was.
As I understand, we need to implment the SCM API from VS Code, in order to run the Git and the Mercurial extensions for VS Code. That would involve quite some refactoring of our git extension, but seems to be the way forward.

[Igor Vinokur]

To implement SCM API from VS Code we need Scm Service like in Vs code: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/blob/master/src/vs/workbench/services/scm/common/scmService.ts#L128. I think this task is for https://github.com/theia-ide/theia/issues/3423

Yes, we need that. Ticket 3423 is asking for abstractions on the theia level, but we should focus on the vscode SCM api, so the corresponding vscode extensions can be used.

[Igor Vinokur]

So do I need to implement Scm Service that will point to existed Theia git extension in the scope of 4103 issue?

Yes, that is the scope of that issue.

[Igor Vinokur]

Ok, thank you for explanation. I am going to start the work on it now

[Igor Vinokur]

To be sure that we are on the same wave:
Theia has some vcs stuff e.g. branch indicator and ‘Publish changes’ button that is controlled by git extension. Since we are going to have SCM Service we need to move related functionality from git extension to separate extension. @svenefftinge WDYT?

Yes, splitting up the git-extension into scm-extension and git-extension. Where the git-extension might eventually be replaceable by the corresponding VS Code extension.