Docker package theia images

This problem occurred when I packaged theia images with Docker

The packaged machine is centos7 and the image is based on ubuntu18.04.
This is my package.json

My dockerfile is

@kingkiller thank you for the discussion, have you included the necessary prerequisites for keytar?

You can also look at our example docker images for reference:

Thanks for your help. I modified it based on the official Dockerfile, but I found that I could not change the node version after using the official Dockerfile

Thank you very much, it has been solved now, I am missing some dependencies, just execute this instruction sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev to download

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I’ve now finished packing, but I’m getting an error at run time屏幕截图 2021-08-05 154859

@kingkiller no need to open multiple duplicate issues, did you include libsecret as a runtime dependency in your dockerfile?

Thank you. I’ll turn off the extra questions.I have installed libsecret-dev, but I still notice that is missing. is available only for Redhat Linux. I’ve now rolled back to 1.14.0